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  1. I am currently looking at beneficial uses for the ash produced at our plant, with emphasis on ash produced by future cleaner coal technologies (such as IGCC and CFBC). I would like to know more about the extraction process that you employ. Also, in order to know if our ash would be suitable for use with your process, what analysis is required on the ash?

    1. Love to talk. Can you send your email and a couple of times that work for you? Thanks, Larry J. Austin, Chairman,

  2. Hi,

    I’ve 31 a new yorker, i hiked the entire appalachian trail , i went to a fancy top law school and work in law and hate it.

    I love geology, chemistry and the sciences generally and I studied mathematics in college.

    I’ve been reading about industrial energy and metals production for years and did my research thesis on government regulation of the oil industry.

    I know that the U.S. has a strategic disaster waiting to happen with China’s dominance of the REM market and that many OEM manufactures of efficient motors and generators using nyodium are now moving their entire factories to china to deal with this. It really is sad. I understand that the U.S. could mine plenty of this stuff if it wanted to but for various reasons, and regulatory obstacles, it is not. I would like to work in the mining industry for rare earth metals and I would like to do it in a way that is both efficient as well as feasible. I think the EPA could be persuaded to help the government work out a deal to allow fly ash to be profitably treated in return for licenses to allow it to be refined for its REM’s.

    I am interested in helping out, in any way I can, physically, marketing , sales lobbying, legal etc….
    Please let me know if you need help. I am willing to work for free if you need help reading or writing legal or lobbying stuff, especially if my free work leads to more work for me.

    Zeev Kirsh
    917 855 2430

  3. We are looking for some process / technology for the extraction of Rare Earth Minerals and other metallic minerals from waste coal and carbonaceous shale.

    We also want to know that what percentage (%) OR ppm value of different Rare Earth Minerals / Metals is economical to carry out the above mentioned extraction.

    Thanks & Regards,

  4. Dear Sir

    we wish to set up coal fly ash to rare earth metal plant in india near New Delhi .Please let us know the cost

    for 1000 to 50000 tons per day capacity plant.

    Manoj Verma
    NIVI industries
    E-305 East Of Kailash
    New Delhi
    New Delhi

  5. Dear Sirs, As a retired aerospace engineer with NASA GSFC experience in magnetic (noncontacting) bearing and advanced motors; I have maintained a active interest in current commercial uses and have submitted several patents which would require substantial quantities of rare earths. Magnetic Transport Systems of San Diego has a prototype in operation for an improved lower cost MagLev. Other patents cover devices employing disruptive technologies on more commonly used devices made in large volume. Please keep us informed of the availability of rare earths in quantity and Cobalt if you extract it.

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  7. Hello,

    This is Deepak from India working in ARCI (International Advanced Research Center for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials) and as a social entrepreneur with technology as a tool.

    We are already using flyash in making bricks and Alum. And I was looking for a technology that could remediate metallic values from class ‘c’ and class ‘f’ fly ash. Kindly mail me the techno-economic details of this project as we are enthusiastically interested to invest in this project.

    K.Sai Deepak Reddy,
    Metallurgist and Social Entrepreneur,
    Mobile: +91-9493131770

  8. We have a Facebook page under Lanex Exploration and just organized to explore and sample several prospects of REE.

    Is Twenty Five Metals still active?


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