TWENTY-FIVE METALS, LLC (hereafter “TFM”) is a Virginia based company formed to extract both harmful elements and valuable materials from the by-product of coal combustion, familiarly known as ‘Coal Fly Ash, or CFA.’ The technology to achieve this was originally developed by the Boeing and Rocketdyne Corporations as part of a NASA funded project.

The United States generates some 130 million tons of Coal Fly Ash per year. This represents a major financial, environmental and public relations issue for the coal industry as fly ash contains trace elements of several dozen elements, including some that are highly toxic. TWENTY FIVE METALS’s proprietary technology removes these elements, rendering CFA inert and safe for beneficial purposes. Moreover, TWENTY FIVE METALS’s process is equally effective at extracting rare earths and strategic metals of great commercial value. Translating into today’s prices indicates that the extracted value per ton is over $1000.

There is a great and pressing need for a US domestic supply of these rare earths, which are vital to modern industry and our national defense. China now controls 96% of rare earth production worldwide and has been limiting exports since 2003. Recently, China announced further restrictions, sighting a need to reserve these elements for its own industries and to have a strategic stockpile. Several countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia and Spain have recognized this threat to their high tech economies and launched efforts to extract materials from CFA. The UK has already broken ground on a full-scale plant.

TWENTY FIVE METALS’s business model is two fold. First, to extract harmful elements from coal fly ash, significantly reducing costs for coal fired plants. Second, to simultaneously extract up to twenty-five other elements that have a high market value for commercial sale. TWENTY FIVE METALS will eventually have a mix of owned and operated plants and plants operated by others under license.

TWENTY FIVE METALS has entered into a strategic agreement with the Appalachia America Energy Research Center (AAERC) to help design and build the first test facility for CFA extraction operations. Phase I of operations will include to the construction and operation of this fully functioning test facility.

TWENTY FIVE METALS management has decades of experience in technology development, the creation and operation of energy companies, governmental and regulatory affairs and project finance.